Wich free app do you use for gps that respect pricacy and do not track you?

I tested magic earth and in the 1st simulation was in a forbidden road - not precised.


  • @redcalcium
    1 year ago

    In order to get your app listed on f-droid, the app cannot use Google play services and has to be able to run on de-googled phone. Also, the play store version of OsmAnd seem to have in app purchase enabled (perhaps for donation), which means it might use Google play services in order to get the IAP functionality. Not saying that the version on the play store actually have tracking enabled (I haven’t looked into it), but using Google play services might grant Google access to some of the app data/metrics.

    Edit: after some cursory inspection, looks like the f-droid version has more features than the play store version. Some of the features on the play store version is locked behind paywall.